You can of course go to your boss if you want an advance on your salary, but maybe you don’t want that or your boss doesn’t cooperate with that. Fortunately you don’t need your boss at all to get an advance on your salary.

Our finances are private.

We do not want everyone to be able to take a look at our financial housekeeping. So when you sit up and need a few hundred USD quickly then it might be too big a step for most of us to go to the boss, explain the situation to him and then get an advance on your coming have to ask for a salary. Most people prefer to keep their financial affairs to themselves.

Fortunately, it is not necessary at all to have to inform your boss or anyone of the fact that you are running out of money at a certain moment. It is now a piece of cake to take out a mini-loan online. For example, you can borrow a relatively small amount of 100 to a maximum of 750 USD without having to go to the bank or fill in a paper shop and without first checking whether you are creditworthy enough at the BKR.

There are many providers of mini-loans on the internet that all work according to the same principle. You register with them, email or fax a copy of your proof of identity and payslip. And finally, by sending 1 SMS, you can get the money that you have requested into your account within 10 minutes.

Your boss is not involved, your friends and family don’t need to know. It is a purely business transaction that you carry out, but with which you can quickly dispose of an amount of 100 to 750 USD if you have already spent all your money before paying out your next salary. For many, the mini-loan is a welcome solution in difficult times.

Borrowing with a guarantee and what to look out for

Recently sites were found on the internet where free loans are offered. It is true that these loans are free under certain conditions. The construction works as follows.

On the site of various lenders that offer small loans, or loans that go up to around 750 USD, you choose an amount of money.

You can then borrow this money for free on the condition that you pay off the loan within the specified period.

With a ‘normal’ loan with a bank, the loan period is often long: if you take out a personal loan, it can run up to 10 years. The problem is, however, that a personal loan is only possible from a few thousand USD. Another problem is that the application process often takes several days.

So if you want to borrow a smaller amount of money and want to have it in your hands in the very short term, such as a day, you can consider a small loan. These loans are therefore free.

Note that the loan period for these loans is shorter than taking out a personal loan with a bank. You can get the money in your possession fairly quickly, but you also have to pay off the loan within a short period of time. What exactly is ‘short term’? That really depends on the provider.

With some providers free lending is a fact, provided you repay the loan after 7 days at the latest. This loan is therefore only wise if you are really sure that you have extra money in your account within a week of your loan (usually your salary).

A provider of these small loans usually requires that you have a fixed income.

The interesting thing about these small loans with a guarantee is that people are sometimes open to other forms of income. Think of pension, an annuity, or even alimony.

In addition to having a fixed income, the second requirement for a free loan is that someone can give a guarantee for your loan. So if you cannot repay your loan on time, the lender can recover your debt from the person you designated as the guarantor.

If you don’t know anyone who wants to act as a guarantor for you, then various lenders offer a solution. They work together with a number of collection agencies that want to act as a guarantor for you. There are costs involved. Think about 20 to 25% of the amount you want to borrow.

In short, you can borrow money for free if you know someone who wants to guarantee you. If you do not know someone who wants to do this for you, you can let a collection agency act as a guarantor for you. Another advantage of the free small loan is that you have money in your account within 10 minutes.

With this loan money can be transferred directly to your account, in contrast to a personal loan from a bank that takes longer in terms of applying for and receiving the money.

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