Protecting yourself from credit card fraud requires changing a few habits to avoid falling into the trap. A credit card scam is noticed from the moment the bank details are usurped, that is to say when a third party deliberately uses the card numbers to make online purchases without the consent of its owner.

How to determine a “bank card fraud”?

This means of payment is used more and more in the daily life of the French because its flexibility of use facilitates the payment even for reduced sums. Thanks to the bank card, merchants can find their way there since they collect customers more quickly, reduce the calculation time at the cash desk while knowing that this method of payment automates recurring tasks.

In addition, the card provides additional security, sometimes superior to other means of payment such as checks or cash, with the application of its mandatory secret code in physical points of sale in the European zone (this model is governed by a European directive and does not exist worldwide).

The only Achilles heel of this plastic part: improper use and bad practices which may cost the users who are not careful. Indeed, the bank card has favored the development of E-Commerce but this model poses some problems because its system can be easily bypassed from the moment when the card data has been recovered. How to take good habits so as not to suffer unpleasant surprises?

How to protect yourself from credit card fraud

Faced with this, there is no need to load complex and useless tools. The first step is to avoid disclosing your data, taking care to hide the information from each transaction. For example, verification of online payment reveals the URL and the security lock. You have to check this point well and look several times if this payment goes to a trusted site.

To avoid any misunderstanding during an online transaction, intermediary organizations link E-Money, the customer but also the bank. These payment services guarantee maximum security since the intermediation organization does not communicate the bank details to the merchant. In addition, in the event of a dispute, the intermediation service may cancel a transaction.

In addition, some cards specialize in online security with the integration of the last three dynamically registered security codes. Reinforced by this security, banks are able to offer an extraordinary level of insurance such as a delivery guarantee (any online purchase is guaranteed). If a cardholder finds an anomaly on his account statement, the monetary code requires the reimbursement of all fraudulent debits.

It is for this reason that banks incorporate insurance

When signing up for a payment card. Thus any fraudulent attempt is reimbursed to the customer of the bank who in turn turns to justice to settle the damage. In such a case, the opposition must be made immediately to the interbank service opposing the bank card on 0 892 705 705.

These insurances are limited to certain amounts, this is why if the sums become substantial, the holder must deposit complaint to start a procedure to report the litigation to a specialized service called Good Credit. If the sums represent a dispute above $ 10,000, the district court will take up the case.

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