Online loan application: free comparative study

Calculate your borrowing capacity and estimate the amount you can borrow:

Before choosing a property to buy, you must know if you will be able to finance it. To do this, use our mortgage simulation tools to estimate your borrowing capacity or your monthly loan. So you will know how much you can buy and you will look for your property accordingly.

Choose your mortgage

Choose your mortgage

We advise you to use a mortgage broker to finance your mortgage.

Indeed it will ask you the right questions right away and will consult its banking partners who have certainly the best rate to propose to you but also those which will take into account your profile and the financial characteristics of your file.

He will especially be able to offer you the best possible TEG also including insurance costs. In fact, we should not only rely on the nominal rate set by the banks because if this nominal rate is subject to the counterparty that you subscribe to the group insurance of the bank, then this insurance rate can be very high and ultimately get a higher TEG than if you had chosen a financing organization with a higher nominal rate but which accepts the delegation of insurance.

Practical information: how to apply for a mortgage online


1 – Complete your online mortgage application form in less than 3 minutes, indicating the characteristics of your loan and information about you
2 – Our partner in real estate loans reminds you and takes stock of your project
3 – It compares the best market rates among its 110 banks and 730 partner bank branches
4 – It selects the offer offering the best rate and best suited to your profile

* A credit commits you and must be refunded. Check your repayment capacity before you commit.
* No payment of any kind whatsoever may be required of an individual, before obtaining one or more loans of money (Murcef Act).
* Consent: The data will be subject to computer processing. pursuant to Law No. 78-17 of 6 January 1978 for the purpose of commercial prospection. You have a right to access, rectify, delete and oppose data concerning you which Credit Dashwood family and its partners are recipients. For more information, consult our legal notices.

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