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Many people want to make a cash loan settlement and face a variety of offers. There are various loan portals on the Internet that not only provide a cash credit comparison, but also the necessary background information about what to look for when borrowing. In addition, you can carry out a cash credit comparison on site and look for different banks and savings banks. However, this approach is recommended only conditionally, because on the one hand you can only compare comparatively few offers with each other and on the other hand these are only local and only rarely supraregional providers.

Comparison of the loans

Comparison of the loans

Cash loans are not only available from German banks or savings banks, but also from foreign banks or private individuals. The last two variants have the advantage that they also appear lucrative for persons who have to fear because of any negative entries in them that they can not get a conventional Barkreit. Neither foreign lenders nor private lenders generally ask for Schufa information. If anything, this happens only in exceptional circumstances. A Schufa is not known abroad and even individuals are hardly interested in an insight into the Schufa, but rather ensure that the lender appears trustworthy and that his income or other collateral sufficient to pay back a loan can.

Cash advances are characterized by the fact that they are always paid in cash and not transferred to an account. Not all banks offer cash advances. Often, the offer is limited only to loans where bank transfer is the rule. Cash payment is possible either at a bank counter or at a post office counter, but also by transferring the money by courier. The time from application to granting a loan varies. In some cases it is very fast and a credit decision can be taken within a few minutes, in other cases, it takes a little longer. This also depends on whether you opt for a quick loan, an express loan or a normal installment loan.

You can easily compare each type of loan, and you can choose to look for a loan that best suits your needs. You can do a preselection or enter different search criteria. You can combine a cash advance settlement with the use of a loan calculator. This option is recommended if you are looking for a loan that suits you.

If necessary, you can repeat a credit comparison at any time. It is always up to date and is constantly updated. If you have not yet found the right cash advance or are looking for a new loan to replace the old loan after some time, a credit comparison is also indicated. This may be a general credit comparison or cash advance settlement.

Loan providers and credit requirements


Credit providers can be broadly differentiated between banks based in Germany, banks based abroad, private lenders and private credit intermediaries. All these credit providers are basically eligible as a lender for a cash advance. However, the conditions for accepting a loan are very different.
If you would like to take out a cash advance with your house bank, another bank based in Germany, a savings bank or a Volksbank, you must prepare yourself for a request prior to the loan approval. Only if there are no noteworthy negative entries, can you expect that your credit application will be approved? In addition, most banks require you to be a worker, to be a civil servant or a civil servant. If you do not belong to any of these groups of people, it is usually very difficult to find a cash advance or other installment loan for personal use. This also applies to the self-employed or freelancers, even if their income is very good and they have been successful in the market for years.

Foreign banks also lend their cash loans or other loans only to employees or civil servants. It also requires that you have successfully completed the probationary period and that you have been employed by your current employer for at least one year. Under certain circumstances, this period can even be significantly extended. In some cases, you have to expect that you will only have one chance at a cash advance if you have worked for at least four years with your current employer. A Schufa information is not required for a foreign loan, which can be a decisive advantage. So, if you’re having trouble getting a normal installment loan or a normal cash advance, you can consciously look for a cash loan.

After a cash advance settlement, you often have the opportunity to directly contact the lender. In doing so, you can obtain the information that you are still missing or apply for a cash advance. Almost all banks in Switzerland or abroad offer this option today, even if you have a branch or even several branches in your immediate vicinity. Online application has a number of advantages. It saves time and can also be carried out outside the opening hours of the banks. The processing of the loan application is then usually not immediately, but often on the next working day. In the case of an instant loan, an express credit or an express credit, however, there may be deviating regulations. To what extent this applies in the specific case

A special form of cash advances is personal loans

A special form of cash advances is personal loans

If you are looking for a personal loan and do not have the opportunity to make such a loan in the family or in your circle of friends, you can also make a cash advance settlement and narrow the search for a cash loan to a private loan. For example, a cash loan comparison allows you to focus on private loan portals. Many of these credit portals have emerged in recent years and have set themselves the task of bringing private individuals interested in a loan together with private individuals willing to lend such a loan. You define the conditions for which you want to assign the loan. They also choose their own borrowers. hire your own credit or offer a loan. This can be a cash advance or installment loan that is transferred to an account.

In addition, you have the opportunity to look for a private credit intermediary when making a cash advance settlement. Reputable credit intermediaries are happy to help you find a suitable lender from within or from abroad. However, you should not go into advance payment or conclude expensive insurance contracts with a credit intermediary, as this can be a sign that the credit intermediary in question is working dubiously. Here you should continue the cash advance settlement until you have found a reputable credit intermediary.


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