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The financial calculators of Credit

This module is dedicated to any person (individual or professional) needing a loan simulator (calculation of a monthly repayment or borrowing capacity), capitalization, scenarios in the context of revisable loans etc. …

It actually contains 6 complementary simulators, from the simplest to the most sophisticated.

The credit simulator

The simplest as its name suggests Credit simulator gives you the monthly payment of a loan (if you indicate an amount to borrow) or a maximum amount to borrow (if you indicate a monthly payment not to exceed).

This calculator is accompanied by its depreciation table.

Borrowing capacity simulator


The Debt Capacity Simulator establishes a debt range of 30 to 33% from revents including various premiums and 13th month.

The credit and debt capacity simulator


The combination of the Credit Simulator and Debt Capacity Simulator modules is very useful for immediately checking your creditworthiness. Fill in the amount of the loan and get the monthly payment, fill in the monthly payment and get the loan amount. The calculation can be made over a period expressed in months for a consumer credit, for example. Fill in your net income and get together with your simulation, the debt ratio.

This calculator is accompanied by its depreciation table.

The adjustable-rate credit calculator

Use this module if the loan rate needs to change during the amortization period. By clicking on scenarios you can simulate the upward or downward trend of the loan rates, indicating the new rate for the year concerned. The following years are automatically updated if you do not specify new rates.

This calculator is accompanied by its depreciation table.

The credit simulator in fine

Credits in fine are very special loans used by investors, the peculiarity of these loans is that capital is never amortized. To settle the term loan, you need a capital equal to the amount borrowed initially. That’s why these loans are accompanied by a capitalization product that will guarantee the term capital. This calculator makes it possible to calculate the single premium or the monthly premium (or both cumulative) for a given term capital.

This calculator is accompanied by its depreciation table.

The multiple credit simulator

credit loan

This complete financial simulation integrates several loans, several insurance rates and different durations. Fill out the data on the 1st loan and click on Add loan: you will get a new entry form. You can create or delete an unlimited number of loans.

Each loan has its own depreciation schedule.

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Credit card and its main use within your business Wed, 10 Apr 2019 11:01:51 +0000

30 May Credit card and its main use within your business

The credit card can work perfectly when you need to acquire some good or service at the moment and pay little by little for it. But remember that a credit card is for personal use and not for your business.

A relevant piece of information that can help you to visualize this topic is that 80% of entrepreneurs use this type of personal credit to invest in their businesses.

30 May Credit card and its main use within your business

Businesses need more financial help than a personal use credit card can provide

Whether you need the money to buy machinery, electronic equipment, or supplies to produce the products you offer.

The size of the credit that an institution can offer especially for SMEs could be the appropriate and necessary for what you are proposing. These types of financing have been created and thought for entrepreneurs, so they offer the best possibilities for your SME.

A credit card could limit you in terms of the loan that they offer you and you would see the need to use another card to continue covering the expenses.

Being personally indebted could sabotage your credit history. And consequently when you decide to request a financing from another institution or more credits you may not receive them.

Businesses need more financial help than a personal use credit card can provide

And if you are at this point, paying off your debt is the next step you must take. Sometimes it is very difficult to think about limiting your cash to pay debts and the expenses that keep running. But there is a possibility that you can acquire your debt and that you manage to pay it with less interest.

But what benefit would this give you?

First you would only have one debt. Avoiding efforts and time that you could be investing in the improvements and growth of your business.

You would have better benefits like lower interest rates and higher credits.

Greater liquidity, you would have the necessary tools to continue generating money when you organize your debts and free your lines of credit.

And last but not least, it helps your credit history. Improve your credit bureau because you would have a productive credit.

You can take charge of your finances and improve them. This is possible and if you propose it you will see good results. Remember that SMEs and entrepreneurs have many opportunities and we believe in the development and continuous improvement.

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Change mortgage insurance insurance law Mon, 04 Mar 2019 11:30:53 +0000

It is also possible to change loan insurance in the first twelve months of the life of the current contract thanks to the Hamon law.

Attention, in both cases, whether at each anniversary with the law Bourquin or in the first twelve months of the life of the contract with the Hamon law, it is fundamental to do things and to respect certain steps.

Many people subscribe to the group contract of their bank when signing their mortgage

loan mortgage

For convenience, willingness to save time, not to upset their banker … but often in group contracts, exclusions are numerous and a 90-day grace period (which is not ideal for all profiles) is almost always applied in the ITT guarantee.

To change anniversary loan insurance by invoking the Bourquin law, two conditions must be respected:

1 – Subscribe the new contract with guarantees equivalent to the contract in force

The new borrower insurance contract must have guarantees that are totally equivalent to the first contract signed with the bank or another company (because the bank has granted you the loan under these guarantee conditions).

For your information, banks may only retain for their application for equivalence a maximum of 11 criteria out of the 18 defined by the CCSF for loan insurance coverage and a maximum of 4 out of 8 criteria for job loss coverage (if this is the case). this is required). See our CCSF Equivalency Criteria page.

Consult us without delay, we know all the criteria of equivalence of the contracts of the banks and will guide you towards the guarantees to be selected in the contracts of insurance of delegated loans.

2 – To cancel two months before the anniversary date of the group contract of the bank:

To terminate at the annual deadline, well-defined steps must be followed, starting with the identification of the anniversary date of the contract, which varies from one bank to another: some group contracts have an anniversary date on the effective date of the insurance, others upon signature of the insurance application, others upon signature of the loan offer. Once the date has been identified, you must cancel at least 2 months before this date .

As an indication, here are the anniversaries of the group contracts of the main banks:

For delegated borrower insurance taken out with an insurance company other than that imposed by the bank, the anniversary date is often the effective date of the contract for the first year but to be verified, this can also be the date of the membership request…

Once again, these data are indicative, in any case, to consult us, we know the deadlines dates anniversaries for each of the banks and will give you the good planning to respect to cancel in the times

Change mortgage insurance

Change mortgage insurance

It is also possible to change loan insurance in the first twelve months of the life of the current contract thanks to the Hamon law.

Attention, in both cases, whether at each anniversary with the law Bourquin or in the first twelve months of the life of the contract with the Hamon law, it is fundamental to do things and to respect certain steps.

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Online loan application: free comparative study Mon, 04 Mar 2019 11:20:34 +0000

Calculate your borrowing capacity and estimate the amount you can borrow:

Before choosing a property to buy, you must know if you will be able to finance it. To do this, use our mortgage simulation tools to estimate your borrowing capacity or your monthly loan. So you will know how much you can buy and you will look for your property accordingly.

Choose your mortgage

Choose your mortgage

We advise you to use a mortgage broker to finance your mortgage.

Indeed it will ask you the right questions right away and will consult its banking partners who have certainly the best rate to propose to you but also those which will take into account your profile and the financial characteristics of your file.

He will especially be able to offer you the best possible TEG also including insurance costs. In fact, we should not only rely on the nominal rate set by the banks because if this nominal rate is subject to the counterparty that you subscribe to the group insurance of the bank, then this insurance rate can be very high and ultimately get a higher TEG than if you had chosen a financing organization with a higher nominal rate but which accepts the delegation of insurance.

Practical information: how to apply for a mortgage online


1 – Complete your online mortgage application form in less than 3 minutes, indicating the characteristics of your loan and information about you
2 – Our partner in real estate loans reminds you and takes stock of your project
3 – It compares the best market rates among its 110 banks and 730 partner bank branches
4 – It selects the offer offering the best rate and best suited to your profile

* A credit commits you and must be refunded. Check your repayment capacity before you commit.
* No payment of any kind whatsoever may be required of an individual, before obtaining one or more loans of money (Murcef Act).
* Consent: The data will be subject to computer processing. pursuant to Law No. 78-17 of 6 January 1978 for the purpose of commercial prospection. You have a right to access, rectify, delete and oppose data concerning you which Credit Dashwood family and its partners are recipients. For more information, consult our legal notices.

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How much can your business grow with a credit? Fri, 15 Feb 2019 11:59:51 +0000

As the owner of your own company, we know that what you most want is to be able to fulfill all those goals that benefit your business in order to take it to success. That is why we want to let you know how much your business can grow with a loan, since it is not only about obtaining capital or certain money to pay for some expenses.

A loan can help you enough in all those projects that you have had in mind but that you can not carry out due to lack of money. But when you apply for a loan everything becomes more attainable, because if you give it the right management you can fulfill your goals.

Here we will tell you how your business can grow:

Raise production

Raise production

Commonly SMEs manage to reach a time when their production and sales have a stable and continuous flow. But at some point a new and better business opportunity may arise that will really make it go to the next level.

That is to say, a very important client may arrive who wishes to obtain a large quantity of your products or contract your services on a large scale. So this is where maybe, because you do not have enough infrastructure, you limit your business to that good opportunity. With a loan, you can really increase your production, acquiring either more machinery or personnel to help you accept these types of clients. You will see that the results will be reflected in your total income and profits.

To be able to expand

To be able to expand


Another dream that accompanies the road of entrepreneurship is that everyone knows you and asks for your services or products. But the only way to achieve this is by having a presence in strategic places according to your industry and what you offer. You can take the credit to expand your business to new places inside and outside the country.

That is, you can invest in the rental of premises, equip them and even carry out advertising strategies so that everyone knows that you exist in the market. Or if your dream is to set up an online store, in the same way you can achieve it with the help of financing, because you could contract your domain and buy a larger inventory to satisfy those customers online. In addition to this helps to increase sales, your presence will be greater and above all you will generate the opportunity to attract new customers and suppliers.

Offer new products or services



Another way to grow your business with a loan is to innovate. All those SMEs that are still standing have evolved and kept one step ahead of the competition, offering innovative products or services with a high quality. To achieve this, you can enlarge the supply of products you have, get new suppliers and continue at the forefront so that your customers continue to consume or even improve the processes you have to provide a better service.

How can you realize growing your business with a credit is possible, and especially if you want to do it on a large scale. Do not limit all the potential that your small or medium business has and request the appropriate loan. We recommend that you compare all the offers that exist in the market so that you can choose the one that suits you best to be able to carry out your projects.

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How to choose a credit in the first year of your business Sat, 09 Feb 2019 11:59:46 +0000


Finding financing for your business during its first year of operations can be the engine that helps you drive it. However, there are different factors that you must take into account so that the credit becomes your ally. Several of the big companies that you know were consolidated in the beginning thanks to small loans.

Jerry Baldwin, Zev Siegel and Gordon Bowker, founding partners of the Starbucks chain, started operations investing $ 1,350 each; shortly after they obtained a loan for $ 5,000 to acquire different coffee beans and diversify. Today they are the largest coffee company in the world and open a store every day.

Sam Walton, the founder of Walmart, applied for a loan to a relative to invest in his first store. When purchasing it, it focused its efforts to offer lower prices to its customers and managed to reduce the costs of its suppliers, achieving a 45% increase in sales during the first year. Currently with more than 2 million employees, it is one of the largest corporations in the world.

What do these big companies have in common? They used the credit for their benefit and implemented a clear strategy to grow their businesses. Before applying for a loan that helps you improve the productivity of your business, we recommend you take these 3 aspects into account.

1. Detect your business cycle

1. Detect your business cycle

The stages that a business lives are birth, development, growth and sustainability. Be clear at what point you are will help you create a focused strategy to achieve success at each stage. The time each one lasts depends on each business and how you accelerate its growth.

2. Determine what and how much you need

Make a financial plan and calculate how much money you need and how you will invest it. If you want your business to be sustainable and not suffer from debt, be realistic. In the end it is money that you will have to pay at some point. I advise you that the strategy focuses on making your product stand out from the competition and generate value for the client.

3. Evaluate your options

Know the types of financing that exist and choose taking into account different factors such as the interest rate, the term and the documentation you need. Choose a loan that you can liquidate by analyzing the ability to pay for your business.

Remember that by making credit history on behalf of your business, you can have access to better rates and longer terms.



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