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The financial calculators of Credit

This module is dedicated to any person (individual or professional) needing a loan simulator (calculation of a monthly repayment or borrowing capacity), capitalization, scenarios in the context of revisable loans etc. …

It actually contains 6 complementary simulators, from the simplest to the most sophisticated.

The credit simulator

The simplest as its name suggests Credit simulator gives you the monthly payment of a loan (if you indicate an amount to borrow) or a maximum amount to borrow (if you indicate a monthly payment not to exceed).

This calculator is accompanied by its depreciation table.

Borrowing capacity simulator


The Debt Capacity Simulator establishes a debt range of 30 to 33% from revents including various premiums and 13th month.

The credit and debt capacity simulator


The combination of the Credit Simulator and Debt Capacity Simulator modules is very useful for immediately checking your creditworthiness. Fill in the amount of the loan and get the monthly payment, fill in the monthly payment and get the loan amount. The calculation can be made over a period expressed in months for a consumer credit, for example. Fill in your net income and get together with your simulation, the debt ratio.

This calculator is accompanied by its depreciation table.

The adjustable-rate credit calculator

Use this module if the loan rate needs to change during the amortization period. By clicking on scenarios you can simulate the upward or downward trend of the loan rates, indicating the new rate for the year concerned. The following years are automatically updated if you do not specify new rates.

This calculator is accompanied by its depreciation table.

The credit simulator in fine

Credits in fine are very special loans used by investors, the peculiarity of these loans is that capital is never amortized. To settle the term loan, you need a capital equal to the amount borrowed initially. That’s why these loans are accompanied by a capitalization product that will guarantee the term capital. This calculator makes it possible to calculate the single premium or the monthly premium (or both cumulative) for a given term capital.

This calculator is accompanied by its depreciation table.

The multiple credit simulator

credit loan

This complete financial simulation integrates several loans, several insurance rates and different durations. Fill out the data on the 1st loan and click on Add loan: you will get a new entry form. You can create or delete an unlimited number of loans.

Each loan has its own depreciation schedule.

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